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Divorce and child custody matters often bring out the worst in people: hurtful words, spiteful actions, petty arguments. The stress, the decisions, and the uncertainty can be overwhelming.

At RC Charles Esquire, we help clients carve through the emotions to think with clarity about the process they are undertaking. Rosalyn Charles is a former prosecutor whose courtroom skills help clients establish a favorable position, either in or out of court. She is also a former municipal judge and experienced New Jersey family law attorney who helps clients choose their battles wisely by providing realistic projections of which way a family court judge might rule.

A Family Law Attorney Helping with a Range of Legal Issues

Our law firm represents men and women in Newark, Essex County, and the surrounding counties of New Jersey in the full spectrum of family law matters, including:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce — We help clients see the big picture, focus on their children, and protect their long-term interests.
  • Marital asset division — We are equipped for high-asset divorce, including issues of separate property, business valuations, professional practices, and retirement portfolios.
  • Alimony (spousal support) — We can argue for or against alimony based on earning capacity, length of marriage, and other relevant factors.
  • Child support — We work to ensure the court has accurate data for setting the correct level of support.
  • Child custody and visitation — We strive for healthy and practical parenting arrangements rather than engaging in tug-of-war disputes over children of divorce.
  • Fathers’ rights — We represent dads who want and deserve to be actively involved in their kids’ lives after divorce.
  • Parent relocation — We can help you negotiate the logistics of relocating with your children or fight for your rights and your child’s best interests in court.
  • Restraining orders — We advocate for men or women who are accused of domestic violence as a ploy in divorce or child custody proceedings.
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements — We advise high-net-worth individuals or their would-be spouses in agreements to define separate property prior to marriage.

Learn More by Speaking with Rosalyn Charles, a Compassionate Counselor and Effective Lawyer

We can’t make your family law dispute any easier, but we can help ease your mind and approach difficult issues with confidence and a clear plan.

Call our New Jersey family law attorney today at 973-732-0964 or contact us online to arrange an initial consultation.

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